A Widows Walk Off-Grid by Anne Dodds
A true, mostly inspiring story of Anne Dodds journey to self-reliance and healing when her husband passed away after a long, trying illness. She was forced to sell almost everything to settle his estate, and now homeless, with little money, she decided to pursue a dream of living a quiet, self-sufficient life alone, off-grid. She found an old house on fifty acres and started her new life. As proud as I was of her accomplishments, I was shaking my head at the end and felling like she hadn’t really learned anything…

The Antiquarian by Gustavo Faveron Patriau
Daniel is in a psychiatric ward for murdering his fiancée. He reveals the story bit by bit using fragments of fables, novels, and historical allusions, to his friend Gustavo. Dark clues from their college days exploring dust-filled libraries and exotic brothels to Daniel’s intimate attachment to his sickly younger sister and his dealings as a book collector. Like walking into a dark labyrinthine, it’s a twisting haunting tale.

Take Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde
August is a teacher on summer break, on his way to Yellowstone to spread his son’s ashes. But his RV breaks down and he needs repairs, stranded in a small desert town. As Wes, the mechanic works on the vehicle, August realizes the engine repairs will eat up most of his cash. Then Wes asks him to take his two boys on the trip in exchange for the cost of repairs — otherwise they’ll go into the foster system since Wes must serve 90 days in jail. I know, I know, what are the chances -- but it's a feel-good pretty believable story.

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