April: Enough time to read one big ass book

Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff
A new book by serial biographer Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra is a very solid read. I imagine it’s difficult to find reliable source material on the last Egyptian pharaoh– even though she was the most influential women of the age. Regardless, Schiff brings Cleo to life and it’s entirely believable, entertaining and informative. The life of Cleopatra VII (69-30 B.C.) intrigues us. Intrigues us like Marilyn Monroe -- just can’t enough of these two clever bad girls. Settle in, cause this book goes on and on -- Cleopatra's marriages to her brothers and her subsequent disposal of said brothers, her ten years with Antony as faithful lover and mother to three children by him in addition to her son, Caesarion, by Julius Caesar, the wars and the brilliant parties, the final showdown with Octavian; Cleopatra's building of her own Mausoleum, Antony's botched suicide and subsequent death in Cleopatra's arms – yes, yes, it’s all there!♥♥

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